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Maybe you shouldn't have. He sounds great, just going through some hard time. Isn't it unfair to cross someone out just because they're going through some shit?

Single Guy

I hate it when that happens! it happens to me all the time too!


hey there ;-) i wandered over here through the grapevine, and really loved ure blog. hehehe i must have read around 10 posts or so, dude! sad abt the cute guy in the coffee shop, but hell, there are some strange ppl out there. i'm a bit sprised, though, dat u took such a drastic step and deleted his no. aa well, to each his own. ;-)
hope u dont mind i linked to ya.

PS: i thought the ketchup spill was cute, actually. *grin*


Welcome to GAY NYC!!!!!!
don't feel bad , most gay guys when they see someone nice and the potential of love or connection
they RUN!!!!!
its called low self steem
Wish we did not have it!!!

durante vita

I'm with you regarding big hands. ;)

Too bad there was no second date. However everyone dreams of a first date like that.


Nice moment there. I would imagine a teacher would have lots of stress. Perhaps he'll call again? I think I would have kept the numbe.... hmmm then again maybe not.


I think you did the right thing. That sounds like a lot of drama to come.


What a shame nothing came of that perfect first date!


That's totally messed up.

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