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LOL....you again with the bunch of actors, models and dancers on a NYC party.

I, for one, find it really easy to play dumb. I got it so far that I can convince anyone who doesn't know me too well personally that I'm a brick. It's only problematic when someone knows me really well, as my mind is a huge part of me, which I refuse to hide from my friens.


Honestly, if you're not sure if he's an "actor / model / dancer" then in most instances it means he's a "waiter" :) Everyone in New York is an "actor / model / dancer" ... it's only that some of them are getting paid for it and others aren't.

durante vita

You know, the ketchup thing may not be hot, but it can be an icebreaker.

It also shows how real you are. I can't stand polished folk who seem unapproachable.

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