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hehehe.. a lollypop, eh?
u mean to say ALL ure dates were like that - slent?! *grin*
oops... mebbe my giggling is in bad form - but i DO mean a *hugs* here!

durante vita

The idea about the old man at the poetry is one I've heard before. Truth is, I've met quality people when I've volunteered, gone to professional events, etc.


Where are you meeting these ppl? You don't look half bad yourself, I'm sure u can do better, just keep at it :)


Oh, trap your shut... in fact, never trap your shut. Dating is good. Only a few people on this world are lucky enough to find a someone worth dying for at firs go. You gotta dig a bit more. You'll get lucky sooner than you might expect.


Conversation is indeed a lost art. I sometimes wonder if people have just become less curious in learning about others or if they confuse real-time human conversation with the charges associated with text messaging; hence speaking as if they were texting. I'll happily chat you up next time I visit NYC. You sound like an interesting guy and I'm intrigued with the framework for your play.

John Michael

Hey there...I just came across your blog and I thought it was great! Had to comment on this because I totally agree with you here. The amount of bad dates I've gone on lately is absurd. What's happened to the men in NY??? The most interesting city in the world has some of the most uninteresting people in it! lol
Take care!

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