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eric a

God, twenty-one was an interesting age, wasn't it? I think I'm happier now, though. But I do miss the innocence.


Hm, I'm still on my way to approach 21. Should it be different? I do have to say that I enjoy my not understanding the world. Or, let me put it that way: I know to some extend how the world works. Yet I'm still in the age where I'm allowed to be oblivious about it. So, why not use it?

Vidi Vici Veni

It just keeps happening. I am 38, and the last 4 guys I have met are all 29. I just can't stop attracting 29 year olds. I feel like a Daddy. Nevertheless, I learn something from each of them, whether it is a true insight, or just lessons on what not to do about hygiene. Be well and keep on writing.

Lujeanne Rachjied

oh my gooddd!!!
youre 27.....damn man...........but you look so hot and muscular and young and aaahhhh aaaaahh oohhh yesss oh yea aaah aaahhmmmmmhhhh oooo


I didn't realize 27 was supposed to be considered old and aged. Being 22, I don't just walk, but RUN far away from trying to date my peers since they want everything to be "plain and normal." Sigh, how can you give something that doesn't exist?

You know, I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident, but I kind of like what you have to say. I may be back. Keep up the swell work.

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