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Minus the Halo

Ever since I've given up trying to impress people, I've met wonderful, real people instead of the boring vacuous (but hot)money-men. No matter what happens -even if it's a momentary connection -it's always better with authentic people. Depth is sexy.


First thing first, I feel what you are saying because I am a struggling artist myself. Secondly, I refuse to date 'money-makers' anymore. The last one I dated wasn't even a doctor yet (senior med student), and still managed to make me feel like shit. And it wasn't even about money, but about my intelligence level and my abilities as a writer. So yes, it is best to stick with our, umm, kind.


Dude...you need to get back to work...both for your personal sanity...and to keep your writing interesting.


A friend of mine just drops change randomly on the street sometimes. He figures someone else will find and put it to better use than him.


I am a self-sufficient guy, and couldn't care less what the other person made - whether i'd be more, or less. Even if the guys is a student and struggling, I always go dutch, I just feel like I shouldn't have to pay for someone elses meal unless we have a more intimate connection. It's kind of like prostitution. The only instance where I paid for the other party was my ex: who funny enough probably made more than myself...the things you do for love.

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