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Misty Valstaer

That is so sad and I am so sorry for your loss...............
I have been on Celexa for about 2 years. I am a widow and have 3 boys. My middle son was in a tramatic accident 3 years ago and is quadrapligic now. I went on celexa at 20 mg and gradually increased to 40 mg daily. It did it's trick and made me feel numb to everything around me for years. The last couple months I didn't feel right-sleeping all the time not caring etc. I stopped taking it about a month ago. Took 20mg for a week and then went cold turkey. I have had the worst side effects in my life. But I actually care about my life and I am trying to make changes???? Before I didn't and just let everything slide. My advice to all is to get healthy and go on a herb for depression anxity etc. there is supposed to be a chinese herb??? that helps with this but you have to wait a month till your off anti depressants. Anyone hear of this??? Good luck God bless


i have been on celexa for only 4 months and have had sleep problems and side effects the whole time. when trying to go off i got advice from my dr and 2 pharmasists: all different. i cut back 1/2 dose in a weeks time and now am in the middle of withdraw hell. can't sleep, no appetite, flu and cold symptoms,and tired as heck. thse medications are dangerous and to often perscribed without the proper knowledge of what the person if going to have to go through.

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where did everyone go toooooo


So not one success story? That is sad =/

Jonathan Derbes

I am a 29 year old gay man experiencing everything you described...then I read your annual update. Thank you for having the bravery TO USE YOUR BLOG because you have certainly encouraged me.

Jonathan Derbes

Tracey Arsenaul

I was on Celexa for about three years for anxiety. It runs in my family and although I have had it my entire life I managed pretty well up until when my mother suddenly passed away. I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter (my son was 2 at the time) and I was grieving so hard for my mother. By the time I gave birth I was a blubbery mess of emotions and I know in hindsight that I had some serious post partum issues. I was so irritable and stressed being home with two kids that I had to go on something to save my marriage! finally decide to go on Celexa and not two weeks later my Dad had a stoke that left him debilitated and in a nursing home.

At first the Celexa gave me the calmness in my life that I needed and allowed me to manage my day to day life without major panic or depression. I dealt with all the standard side effects - trouble sleeping, drowsiness and not being able to sleep enough. At that point I didn’t feel zombie like, but just free of all the emotions that would have made my life impossible to live at that time. I could live with the side effects because it allowed me to be a wife and mother and productive at my job.

Then at about the year and a half mark, I was sooooo tired all the time that I fell asleep at my desk and was in bed by 8 every night. I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. I also realized that I had been having serious panic attacks where I'd miss work and just have to go to sleep to avoid the attack from taking me over. I got some sublingual Ativan to keep with me in case I had an attack when i was away from home. It made me feel more in control but also makes me VERY sleepy. I looked it up and Celexa can actually CAUSE panic attacks and make them worse. So, I went from 40mg down to 20 and within a week or two I felt better. Six months later again - the extreme tiredness. Not to mention the weight gain and lack of general care of what I put in my mouth as long as it stopped my tummy growling. Strict contrast to my previous fitness freak self. I made my decision - somehow I was getting off of this stuff.

So, I kinda started to taper. Mostly I would just forget to take it about every second night. Started taking it less and less in frequently to the point where I realized I hadn't taken it for about a week and decided that I wasn't going back! So it wasn't completely cold turkey but wasn’t the smartest way either: 0) I was fine for about a week and then it started with dizziness and in quick succession the words diarrhea I have EVER had!!! (Bright side – I lost 5 pounds!) The vivid technicolor dreams are kinda cool but I sleep well through the night and I love that!!! I wake up feeling somewhat refreshed and can drag my sorry butt outta bed without hitting snooze 5 times! Anyways, at the one week mark I still have dizziness and am kinda spaced out a lot of the time. The brain zaps are interesting and I hope that they’ll eventually subside. The up side is that every time I have one I know it’s my body doing what it has to do purge this tuff from my body so that makes it tolerable. I feel all these wonderful emotions that I haven’t been feeling in so many years! I feel like ME again! I look at my children and fall in love 100 times a day. The last few years I’d want to feel that way but something was preventing it…celexa.

My husband is being semi-supportive about my decision. I think he liked the “me” that was less irritable better and I don’t blame him! But he know I was a high strung, opinionat4ed an irritable person when he married me and I am not going to fill my body with crap to satisfy him. Everytime I disagree with him and raise my voice he brings it back to me needing celexa. He is having a hard time understanding that I am entitled to disagree with him and to raise my voice sometimes. I feel sometimes like I am on probation and I hate it. I have tried to talk to him about it but he says that we’ll see who things are once I finish withdrawl. Quite simply, he has to realize that we have grown and changed in seven years of marriage and that he has to give us both some credit for having matured. Our kids are getting older and easier to manage, finances are better.


Hi, my name is Jen, and I originally posted a comment 3 years ago. I was trying to wean off celexa so that I could get pregnant. I am a success story! I wanted to come back and let you all know that 3 years later, I am healthy and happy... and I did have a baby who is now two years old.

I successfully weaned off using the "orange juice" method. I found that info from this blog. I am so thankful for this blog.

This is how I weaned off with no withdrawal symptoms, after being on celexa for 7 or 8 years:

Three years later, I still do have the occasional "brain zap" but that's it. Hope this info will help someone else like it helped me.

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