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eric m.

tiger - just curious - why are you stopping them? I can understand if you don't want to be on them forever, but right now (in the midst of job turmoil, etc.) doesn't seem like the right time to quit. my 2c. E

Eric Inman

What pulled me out of withdrawl symptoms was yoga (helps more than you think), lots of time with friends (it's good Timothy is there with you), and honestly start writing a new story. It will be one of the most raw things you write. I have a screenplay tucked away from my what I call my dark days. It helps. Also know that people have faith in you, and that is the greatest help. The light is always closer than we think.

hot toddy

You hang in there. I can hear your discouragement in this post. You will be okay. Just keep believing in yourself and your passion. You have a lot to offer the world.


I second Eric M. When and why are you stopping them now?

As for me, I never was on Celexa. All I remember was being super unhappy, being told that I had a chemical imbalance by my doctor and then going on the 'trial and effect' part of prescribing an antidepressant. I ended up trying Zoloft, Serzone and some other one in a period of five months. It was too much. I think at one point I was seeing traces and really thinking that I was truly insane (which I didn't think of before going on the meds). After the last attempt at finding an antidepressant that worked, I just gave up. I realized that it was less work (and safer) for me to just deal with my unhappiness, than drugging myself up. The withdrawls wasn't that bad, but then again I was at home and my parents nursed me the whole time.

Good luck!

eric a

the world will bow to your genius when they finally get their heads out of their butts, don't worry. i agree that you should write something now. it'll be a stunner, kiddo!


I was on Celexa for about a year and a half after going through some anxiety and depression right after entering college, and I eventually just stopped taking it on my own (I never told my doc, even) and I was fine -- I never had withdrawal symptoms, and the anxiety and depression didn't return. I was lucky, I guess!


I just finished getting off of Paxil after a four year heated loved affair of weight gain and difficulty getting off. But hey, my depression was in the past.

As far as the withdraw, it was IN-fucking-SANE. I felt like someone had actually removed my cerebellum [without the fun of getting drunk first]. I was a mess : dizzy, anxious, sweating, listless, naseaous. You name it: the key word was SUCK ASS. Oh yeah...that's two words. Whatever.

I think there should be better literature out there on SSRI withdraw. It's a bitch and I think it should be studied more.


Ongoing experience with the relatively new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and other atypical antidepressants has revealed a discontinuation syndrome that emerges following abrupt or tapered withdrawal from these agents. The syndrome has both somatic and psychological characteristics, which tend to be mild and transient but can also be more distressing and become temporarily debilitating. Psychologists need to be aware of the potential for these events, as they are in an optimal position to collaborate with physicians and other prescribing clinicians to prevent or manage this syndrome.


I came off Celexa cold turkey a month ago. I'm still having muscle pain, fatigue, and headaches, but I'm determined to stay off it. Weight gain was a (literally) big reason I got off it too. I wasn't told about withdrawal symptoms or weight gain - there should be more *honest* information about SSRIs available. I would suggest plenty of rest, love, fresh food, crisp air, and alternative therapies to see you through your days. Good luck!


I was on Celexa for just over 2 years. I have slowly weened myself off of it over the past month and have completley been off of it for 2 weeks now. It is HELL!! The first couple of days were fine and now I can barely function. I feel like there is electricity shooting through my head and my eyeballs. I feel nausiated, dizzy, I feel like I have the worst hangover ever, and its not going away. I can barely handle being at work, I really don't know how much longer I can handle this. I dont want to take any more drugs to get me through this. How is everyone elce coping with this?? I do not recommend Celexa to anyone. YUCK!!


I HATE Celexa! I took it for four days three and half months ago and I have never been the same since. I get nauseated, dizzy and spaced out daily. I feel retarded sometimes. UGH I wish I hadn't tried this medication.


i have been on celexa for about 5 years now. i just ran out 4 days ago with zero refills left. my body jolts, i feel sick, i feel how you felt. it's good to know i'm not alone. just makes it harder to work in my high stress job.
and i'll 2nd the retarded feeling, i also have a total lack of interest and memory loss.


I've been taking 20mg a day for a little over four years now. I went from 20mg to 17.5 to 15mg in less than a week...bad move! I completely recognize everyone else's symptoms. Especially the 'unreality' part and the electricity. Ugh! I feel like a soldier having to continue on no matter what and if I go back now I will have failed.

As far as writing is concerned, it's what I do for a living and it's not easy right now. I can barely keep myself on one thought.


Glad I found this blog. I had to leave work today due to unbelievable dizziness. I have been on celexa for 12 years to help with my MS symptoms. I told my doctor that I wanted to get off of the celexa, and he said to stop if I wanted to. It has been 5 days (cold turkey), and after reading info on here and other places, my next game plan is to gradually wean from the drug. It is so hard to function with this light head of mine!


Holy Shit!!
I have just recently (1 month ago)
stopped taking Celexa after 8 years. And I could strangle the inventor! I have a all of the nasty symptoms, the zaps have ended however the long lasting effects are now making a home, leg aches and pain, severe fatigue, bitchy crab ass attitude!
I am actually considering returning to zombi land in order to stop the suffering!


So I just found your blog entry because I stopped taking Celexa cold about 3 days ago, and have felt really dizzy today and part of yesterday, so I decided to do some research. I was on 40 mg for about a year, and my doctor told me to go down to 20 for a week, and then stop taking it altogether. Like I said, today and yesterday I've felt really dizzy and weird--kind of the way you do when you're hungover, but even more dizzy. I just called my doctor's office and apparently the doctor says this is unrelated to getting off Celexa, but I'm pretty freaked out. I really assume it's withdrawal, but I don't know. So far I haven't experienced any more severe symptoms, but this alone is driving me nuts. I just want to go home and take a nap and hope that I feel better...As a fellow Celexa withdrawer, can you tell me--will it get better? Did it take a long time for you to feel better? Argggg. Please let me know, thanks!


I went off celexa about three weeks ago and I am not going start again, ever. I've tried to quit in the past but gave up only after a few day due to the electric shock feelings in my brain and dizzy feelings. I was motivated to stop due to steady weight gain every year (very common). Also, I had no sex drive left and was feeling like that part of my life was over, (i'm 41). I hope that I am done with the nasty symptoms that are part of the process of getting off this drug. I did have a period that I would call the bottom. I was unable to sleep for more than one hour at a time, wierd nightmares and just when I thought it could not get any more desperate, I got sick. I had stomach flu symptoms and a headache. I am feeling better now and never want to go thru that again. I have been feeling my sex drive returning. It has been several years since I have had those feelings and I now I am getting mad about what this drug has taken away from me. I feel cheated.

THE Corporal

I am happy I have found this site as well. I am a soldier in the U.S. Army. I was put on Celexa for my post-traumatic stress, depression. I have also felt the side effects of withdrawal after only 2 days. My job stresses me out ALOT!My sex drive has decreased a little also(I feel that this is a good thing..LOL) I'm compromising extra depression at work if I stay off, or decreased sex drive if I stay on! hard choice!!LOL


I, too am coming off Celexa after taking 20mg for about a year. I tapered my dose, taking 10mg for two months and then 5 for a month and then 5 every other day for 2 weeks. Now I've been completely off Celexa for two weeks. I'm not experiencing the "brain shocks" but I am very dizzy and fatigued (as I have been since I started tapering). When I turn my head sometimes I feel like I'm spinning. I don't know how long it will last but I'm going to stick it out. I want to return to the land of the living and get my brain back.


totally sucks, but i reccommend taking up an individual activity such as surfing, swimming or try yoga! anything that has a combination of mental and physical exercise and encourages focus on the moment at hand is extremely therapeutic for the stress you are experiencing in withdrawal. good luck, hang in there and be patient with yourself!


I "forgot" my celexa when I took a trip to Asia last month and went into total withdrawal. I have been taking 40 mg/day for over 5 yrs. I toughed it out in Japan - what else could I do. Back in the states, I continue to feel awful. It's been over a month now and I am still disoriented, find it very difficult to connect with myself/others; detached, spaced out. I think that driving is really dangerous because I feel
so ungrounded - like I could just fly off the face of the earth. This sucks!!!! I am trying to avoid going on another med. to get through this. How much longer!!!?


I "forgot" my celexa when I took a trip to Asia last month and went into total withdrawal. I have been taking 40 mg/day for over 5 yrs. I toughed it out in Japan - what else could I do. Back in the states, I continue to feel awful. It's been over a month now and I am still disoriented, find it very difficult to connect with myself/others; detached, spaced out. I think that driving is really dangerous because I feel
so ungrounded - like I could just fly off the face of the earth. This sucks!!!! I am trying to avoid going on another med. to get through this. How much longer!!!?


When do the side affects stop? This blog is the only informative website I have found! Thank you for starting this blog!! I really need help.
Now I understand what drug addicts go through.
Can anyone tell me when the side affects will stop??
I am losing my mind. I was on Celexa for Post Partom Depression. My son is now 18 months old so I started tapering a month ago. Tuesday was my last dosage (half a pill). Today was the worse day. Brain zaps, dizziness, weakness, heart palpations, irrability, no patience, tired, no energy, no appetite, etc.
How long will this last?
I will never take this drug or any type of antidressant again!!! These drugs are dangerous and my pyschiatrist needs to lose his f....ing license. It seems I also have forgotten how to spell.


Yes, I am glad I found this sight. I am feeling everything that everyone is feeling. I have been off Celexa (cold turkey) for about 10 days. No Insurance. The only thing is no one has said how long this is going to last. Any answers? At least give me some hope that these feelings will go away.


I'm writing this on behalf of my 22 year old Son who was prescibed Celexa for anxiety, after he was coming off of Wellbrutin, which his doctor prescribed, as an off labeling use for not smoking. After 3 months on Celexa, with every side effect, his doctor told him "no further medication". We now know Sean went through abrupt withdrawal.Three weeks after coming off these (cold turkey from his doctor) he hung himself. Sean was a VICTIM of this dangerous drug, and we are all held hostage by it. His family attended and spoke at the Dec 13, 2006 FDA hearing on anti-depressants and suicide. The FDA and drug companies have known for years about the dangers, risks, and hazards of these drugs(all SSRI's). THEY DON'T CARE. This is all about big money. They get you hooked. The Side effects coming off these can be worse than the side effects of being on these, hence the vicious cycle begins. Please be educated. These are deadly.

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