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Andrew Der

It's ok, you didn't miss all that much at the event -- just some drama. So really, you would have cried inside as well. Though, I got a new bag and met a hot South African so it was well worth the trip.


I myself am going thru withdrawl of Celexa. I have also been on Zoloft(gained 20lbs in 7 mo.) I had no emotion at all. Went to Lexapro did nothing for me then to Celexa. I have decided I am sick and tired of being controlled by a chemical. I stopped cold turkey and went thru brain shocks for a week OUCH!! then very dizzy and a feeling of being high. Now Grouchy,Grouchy, Grouchy!! I just want my life back as well, I use to be fun. now my best friend drives me insane!! I hate the weight I the fact that my emotions are so up and down plus the muscle fatique I have been feeling is frustrating.Does anyone have any ideas of supplementation to assist during this withdraw? I am hoping it is coming to an end .

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