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For each generation is becomes progressively easier to be who you are at a younger age. Unfortunately dating and finding the right person to share your life never becomes easier. Everyone goes through that awkward stage of dating and playing the field to find Mr. Right. It is nice to see that young gay men are more able to do that at a developmentally appropriate age as opposed to waiting until their late 20's or older to go throught that stage. I wasn't able to deal with being gay because of society until my late 20's. I am glad there are places where people can feel free to be who they are and date whom they want.


When I see the gay younglings out on dates, I always want to pay for their check and wish them luck! :) They're so inspiring! At the rate things are going, and maybe its already happening to an extent... there will soon be a world where "coming out" is no longer necessary. --- *SNAP* okay back to reality!

eric m.

aw, how cute. I saw a similar thing at my local coffee shop the other day-- it looked like a first internet date between two 19/20 year olds... but it was going well, you could tell they were into each other. just very sweet and nice.


where was my cute date when i was seventeen? and where is he now? curses!

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