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Melissa Goss

You know, it's the entire last season of American Idol all over again. The person everyone planned on and was betting to win it... didn't win it. They do that intentionally to keep us all hanging on. The only reason Santino was kept in there was he was "the asshole factor" of the show and since Amaroso (msp) they all have to have one.

Chloe has proved that she cannot live up to the stress of being in the big leagues and working constantly. She has made many comments. She won't make the show happy. That will be our ultimate Revenge. Daniel will have a huge career long past when this one horse Bravo show is dead.


oh my gosh
i watched that too and I was so mad when chloe won!!!
Daniel's was so much better and he is much more talented with lots more room for learning and improve ment
plus, chloe already had her own store and line
its just not fair!!!
I was rooting for him the whole time, and he ended up loosing!
im so mad, im just gunna go to sleep :(


I heard what the judges were saying about Daniel's line. At least they had some reasoning. Was it good reasoning? Nope. Who could wear some of Chloe's designs unless you were one of her models? I am short and chunky and even I could wear most if not all of his designs. Plus, the impeccability of his sewing, the elegance and yet user friendly outfits plus a wonderful personality should've made him a sure winner. Oh! I also think that it is sad that the judges didn't get the asian/military feel. The theme doesn't have to blare. It would interfere with the wearability of the clothes. Boy I have a lot to say. I am not really "into" fashion, but have experience in the arts (music school). He is a true artist and *sigh* snubbed. The only thing I can think is that he was too talented for the judges to understand his mature subtlety. Chloe's designs through the season were good, but not great. Her designs though "nice" and impeccably sewn, lacked the "oh" factor. When I would see Daniel's design's they make a woman want to just jump in them! They make one gush about how beautiful they are.
Don't worry Daniel. In the court of public opinion you are and will always be the winner.


I agree, Daniel should have won, he was more versatile, I think his clothing throughout the whole show was better than Chloe's. Chloe's stuff was nice, so wasn't Santino's, I also think Santino's stuff was better than Chloe's. I dont know why she won either. I hope Daniel goes very far, he is extremely talented.


Breathe baby, breathe. I have been less than thrilled with this season of PR becasue it seemed like to judging was way too inconsistant. I agree that Daniel's looked better, but many of his outfits looked very "safe" to me. Like name any of a number of designers and they have made one or more of his outfits before. I must say that I LOVED the white coat. Maybe the best thing ever!!! Chloe's was definitely a different asthetic (sp? something like that) but she did have a few very lovely pieces that were original. Then she had the dresses made out of drapes. So they both had, IMO, major problems. Didn't really faze me either way which one won, as long as it wasn't Santino.


Sooo glad I'm not the only one feeling like Daniel V really got screwed on this. Chloe's stuff--with the exception of one or two pieces--was generally hideous and unwearable, and would only appeal to a middle-aged Texan high-society matron. Apparently that is who she designs for, and I'm sure that's who mostly shops at her store in Houston. All that bright pouffy satin and freaky huge sleeves, everything just puffed out to there...puhhleez! Daniel's stuff was gorgeous, sophisticated, young, and so much more versatile, and would appeal to a wider range of ages and bodies. The colors were subtle and contemporary, yet classic. I'm soooo friggin' mad that Chloe won. And she's just going to use this win as a vehicle to expand her store.

Oh well...I feel better now having vented. Daniel will go a loooong way, I'm sure. By spring he'll be dressing some Hollywood types on the red carpet. I know if I were a celeb I'd be ringing him up and saying, "Cute boy with the great hair, come make me an outfit!" :)

Eleanora, 20

Fact: Most of these above pro-danielv comments wouldn't have been possible without his cutie facial features (and grounded character, charm, chivalry, we could go on and on).

I don't want to have a blinded judgment just because he's so undoubtedly cute. Personally I cannot end it with a final answer. Innovation, Danny V has shown it all through out the show. If that were the basis, he should have one. It is form versus function. I wish the judges had presented a more concrete set of criteria on who they choose to win. I would not bash Chloe's dresses, either. To say that her dresses appeal to matrons, is quite appalling. She is as equally talented but not driven enough (for now).


As much as I think Daniel V is a hottie, I totally did NOT like his collection. The last piece was so long that the model actually freaking tripped trying to walk in it. Those "button" things on the dresses were hideous. His colors were drab, his style old. Remember that time he won immunity. He created this GHASTLY piece for Chloe. It was dreadful. And his arrogant remarks to the judges were totally uncalled for.

I was really digging him at first. But then the more his personality came out, the more he seemed coy and full of himself.

Chloe's pieces, in my opinion, were HOT. Totally sexy. If Daniel had stuck with his the direction of his first model piece, he might have won.

Anyhoo...I'm being a total bitch about this I KNOW! Danny is definitely going places. He's too damn talented not to.


as much as i hate to admit it, i liked Santino's line much better than Chloe's, and even though i'd have ended my life on the spot had he won over Darlin'Daniel, i'd rather Santino walked with it than Chloe. Anyone else feel like they were watching a rerun of PRETTY IN PINK or SIXTEEN CANDLES??? Not ragging on Molly OR the eighties, mind you, it just looked like... anyhoo...
hope you run into Darlin'Daniel again, and for the love of GOD, write faster or carry more cards!


aww i am so sad that danny v lost. and thats comming from a tru danfan. awwwwwwwwwww i am to sad! chloe's where so WEIRD!

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