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Great Advice Skye!!!

I'm a big proponent of working things through, and clearly "lost" has done the due dilligence of trying to make it work. If he lived in Peoria then it makes sense to spend more time to try and work things through, but he lives in San Francisco. The expression "there are plenty of fish in the sea" holds true more so there than any other city on the planet. I would encourage him to go with what his gut is telling him and get out of that relationship. "Lost" is unlikely to change the other guy, and it is a dysfunctional relationship. I think "lost" will soon discover that he can find what he's looking for in another guy!

People often wonder why women stay in physically abusive relationships. The answer is the same as this situation - self esteem. "Lost" needs to realize that his self esteem should not be based on the other guys affections. If "lost" were to base his self esteem on himself, he would realize this relationship is damaging to him.

Awesome post!

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