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hey.. well..

isnt there only three finalists?


So this seems like a load of bullshit considering Kara isn't even a finalist and I can hardly imagine Santino toning it down...he's pretty much made's his time to spice it up(if that's humanly possible). I think either you're a fraud or you misunderstood your "friend's" information! No worries though...I still agree that Daniel V will be our epic hero!


um, chloe got the boot LAST week and they only send 3 to olympus fashion week... Daniel IS miles above the rest though.


Yes, Kara did show at Olympus, as stated above. To those who commented it that it was bullshit, any real fan would know PR send 4 people to fashion week. Olympus occured before Kara was kicked off, so we would have known the final 3 if there were not 4 collections. Here is the link of all 4 collections since many of you may need visual proof.


Would you people please enlighten yourselves before the onset of oral diarrhea? Four, not three, but four finalists always show at Fashion week because at the time of Fashion Week in NYC, there are still four, not three, but four finalists on the show. So in order not to be a spoiler, four, not three, four contestants show at that time.

Chloe was not eliminated at all. Watch the show once in a while.

Kara did present at Fashion Week and I also heard her collection was pretty good.

I, too, predict Daniel V to win.


Daniel is so sexy! I want to marry him one day, and am extremely depressed that he isn't into least until he sees me!


OK, jjjlady, that comment angered me. I don't think you should be depressed that someone isn't into Anyway, that would change who he is, and you wouldn't want that, right?

Caitlin Im all for Daniel Vosovic...I have supported him since day one~ He is so talented...and not to mention way gorgeous~Can't wait to see the Finale!!

Left Behinds

A train wreck? More like the little engine that could.

Go Chloe! It's so funny the way every single blogger got this so wrong. I thought that one prom dress/sofa cushion thing was appalling, but victory could not come to a better person.

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