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OOOOH man the crush I have on Daniel Vosovic. What is it with me and gay men? I'm only 17 and I've had serious crushes on 3 of them!!! But anyways, I'm definitley a Danfan, and so are my friends.


ewwww daniel is so gross wtf r u people thinking?

wowww jk jk jk jk he is GORGEOUS. he's downright perfect. i live in new york and i always keep an eye out for him. wow imagine if he read what we're all saying, he'd be so freaked out.


This guy is a freakin quir!!!He needs anothe rhaircut! and a tan and a workout machine. He's anerexic. GAIN SOME WEIGHT BUDDY PLEASE!!!!!!!


I love this gay guy. I would totaly wear his dresses in public. Even though im a guy. Gay guys rock!!! GO GAY!!!!


Daniel is just yummy! Cute, sweet, talented, all around nice guy. I just love to watch him walk and see that boyish smile bouncing out from under those tossled locks. Daniel rocks! And he's a good sport, too.
Na-na-na, Santino!


OMIGOSH! u met daniel!?!?!?!?!?? that is so AWSOME! i bet he was just as cute in person..


*heart flutters at the thought of his adorable face and tossled hair* O i am SO a danfan.


if only all gay guys werent gay.. but hten they wouldnt be gay guys! oh.. the delemmas of the world.


I've known Daniel for a long time and he really is a sweetheart in person. He's such an awesome person too for doing all that he has done with his life. I knew him way back when he was like eleven or twelve if not younger and I have always thought of him highly!!! It's awesome all that he's done!!


I will soon be Mr.Vosovic!!!


Dan, You have always been an inspiration to me, when we were in gymnastics together, when we were in college together, I always knew you would be completely successful in everything you do. Everyone back home is cheering you on, me Amanda, Kierston, Kendra, everyone in Winchester alley that would listen to us laugh for hours......ah the memories! luv you!


OMG Daniel Vosovic is so hot! if only We weren't girls. Man, he should have won. Personally, the hell with cloe. That luckey bitch who dated him that should have been me.
~Love Jayde

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