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You're so right. I couldn't care less about what some arrogant queen wants me to look like. I eat healthy and luxurious food all I want, and it does me good.

By the way, when do I have to stop doing this? As I've always been underweight no matter how much I eat.



I totally understand about likeing food and for the life of me I get so sick of "the look." I tend to find good and positives in most men...hey! I'gay...I like men...so I typically find something attractive in a man period. I get so sick of the little twinks that automatically think I want in their pants because I am old (41) and make some comment saying such...just because I look at a guy and think he is cute doesn't mean I want to sack him later in the evening. One guy here at work told my bf I was stalking him because I walked by him every morning. Um, you work right next to the breakroom so yea I get get a bag of chips every morning. Get over yourself is what I wanted to say. But I took the high road and started taking the long route to the breakroom so he wouldn't be uncomfortable...geesh!


that's just ne of the reasons I prefer not to be a member of the gay club scene. would rather be single queerless than a piece of meat.


So well said... Bravo.

The rampant superficiality and narcissism that has become such a plague in our community (at least here in LA, as I'm sure it is in NYC) is such a fucking joke. Fucking insecure bitches looking for validation because their parents never loved them enough or because they got picked on in high school... I'm so over them. I go out rockin old ripped up jeans and 3 days of scruff and I don't think twice about it. People who look down on you do it to make themselves feel better. The best part is that they are always the biggest headcases! If you're comfortable with yourself, that's all that matters.

Great blog btw... read u all the time. :)


Sounds like you made a great breakthrough there. "Hot" is a relative term. Be hot for yourself first. Have another pizza! Like your blog. KO


I like your blog and think you are cute and sexy as hell.

Tampa, Florida


I'd eat pizza with you anytime, sexy man. Love your blog.


I would eat pizza with you too....
watch a movie and have popcorn..

Reno, NV


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