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I'm glad you're spreading the news about this great book. It should be required reading for every gay guy who hasn't learned that narcissism is the road to unhappiness.


I haven't read this book, but with regard to your closing paragraph...

Although the initial throes of AIDS in NYC decimated the gay male population of the city, there are still a number of men alive today who would be more than willing to share their stories and experiences with you, should you want to speak with them. I think the fact they are still alive is the reason why more has not been done to document this period in the history of the gay American male subculture. Despite the tragedy involved, perhaps we as a society feel less urgency to create a written history so long as an oral history is still available to us. It's unfortunate, but not necessary. In fact, if the material you are seeking does not exist, you could consider filling that gap by compiling your own study & making it available as a resource to this and future generations.

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