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Oops, I used to have msn email so please excuse the email blooper.

Also, I'm a female Asian. I haven't had dates, let alone a boyfriend. So that should tell you of my struggles.

I know a lot of guys prefer glamour, but hey, there's gotta be 1% who likes the nerdy females like me (I would think). But NOOOOOO.

I used to work with this older Caucasian physician and he had this younger boyfriend - and I HAD NO BOYFRIEND.

Maybe I need to dress like Rupaul. Maybe I need Kevin Aucoin's makeup tips. All I know is that the hetero guys are giving me the boot. Maybe they are all coming here and dating you guys, which is fine but if you could leave one guy for me, that would be much appreciated!


"Nice guy" hasn't responded... for months. He's a public defender but he sure isn't serving the public by leaving his stupid personals up. I mean, there's a delete feature and a hide feature, both of which he fails to utilize. And if he's seeing someone on a serious basis, it's a bit irresponsible to still have an ad.

Smart guy responded but when I e-mailed again, he didn't respond. I don't know what his problem is with the disappearing act.

And while other women date, and you guys date, I'm blogging away without dates.

Tis the season for some blogging...


I chanced upon this site when I was searching for online personals blogs. I really couldn't find one, so I settled for the gay blog. Might as well, since I don't get dates anyways.

Well, 30 hrs since "Smart Guy" e-mailed, so I guess it's over. Blah, blah, blog...

It's exhausting trying to find people on personals. Not that I've had dates or want a whole bunch of dates, but it's just that I want to meet a few guys.

Bah Humbug...


Well, it was all a waste of time sending hundreds of emails on those personals.

Yeah, I'm a loser. I actually thought that I could meet a guy.

I'm such a loser, and those guys and personals are scam artists!

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