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For some people, that initial online contact probably helps them overcome their insecurities and fears. Their social skills may be lacking or they may just have too many bad experiences in their pasts. It doesn't make them any less worthy as people. It's just who they are.


I once saw someone cruising Manhunt, AT THE BATHS.

True story.

(BTW, I found you through Will @ Designer Blog)


For me it was the rejection factor. In my hook-up days (in a relationship now), I could NEVER find a hook-up at the bar. I always dropped my eyes and thought, "he wasn't looking at me." ON line I am chatty and able to overcome my fear of rejection even when rejected. It is like there are 30 guys lined up in a row and I can pick from the line. Some may not want me and others will. In the bar setting if someone told me no I would just give up and go home defeated right then...just my take on things. It is funny though that they are at the cafe surfing...why not just do it at home?


First off: THE BIG CUP, or as my friends call it 'the big slut'. Not a bastion of high intellectual pursuit--much more a centre of quasi-fabulous individuals coming down from the tina binge.

And then the manhunt/gay.com thing. Some guys just don't want the intimacy, but love the sex without strings.

Is this really the guy you would want to pursue? If so go for it. Otherwise just order your coffee and move on.


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