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ya know, that's wierd. because i don't fit into that. and i've gotten in trouble for it. i don't call everyday. i don't return txt messages until i remember to. well, these are behaviours i used to have. because at some point my dates would be all like "why did it take you so long to contact me?" or "why didn't you call me all day?" see, i don't have much LTR experience and, in terms of myself, it wouldn't bother me necessarily to go a day without talking to my boyfriend. i dated this one guy once who had to see me EVERY day. he was always coming over or calling or emailing me. it was sweet at first but it's like...damn, can i breathe? haha. i realize that people like to know that you care and everyone likes to feel special so i try not to think of it in that way of "well, i wouldn't care if he didn't call me for a few days" and just try to get myself to remember to drop an email or an IM or a phone call every now and then if i'm into a guy. it just makes it easier, and like i said people like to feel special sometimes and there's nothing wrong with that.


Is a "kitten kaboodle" the young kind of pet cat owned by gay guys with too much baggage?

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