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one thing i learned this weekend is that this whole "social" deal isn't as freaky as i thought. i mean, i've pretty much based my entire life's career on being uber-shy but i went to watch the SB at a bar Sunday and actually started talking to this one guy out of nowhere (which is wierd only cuz i usually don't do that unless i'm so drunk that there are two guys there when in actuality there is just one). but my point, in reference to the blog, is that once i did it was pretty amazing cuz he had SUCH an interesting story. just talking about himself. and i think sometimes in the grand scheme of things we forget about those things because there's such a preoccupation with 'getting a numbe' or wondering 'what he thinks of me' or 'do i look hot enough' or stuff like that. what i love about writers--and you remind me of this with this post Alex--is that writers never lose that. writers are always out there listening for and perpetuating stories. it's completely simplistic and anti-cynical and pretty awesome in that sense.

altho, i can't stand those euro-wannabe cafe's! go sit in a park! kidding...:-)


Love the social comments - people watching is almost as good as sleeping in. BTW - where can a Go Go dancer like me get a pair of those thunderBox shorts?

Olivier de Messières

Alors, PQ, quand venez-vous à Washington D.C.?


I live right next door to their café on W 72 St. They make he best coffee and I love their chocolate coissants. I also like the communal tables. Unfortunately, with the Gates up for the past two weeks its been packed so I've had to forgo my Sunday morning latte. But I'll be back next Sunday.

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