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I agree with you, however, I feel the shows listed above only depict a "safe" version of us. You know what I mean. You touched on it with the point that those characters do not have meaningful relationships, thus we're just the super funny life of the party type. I mean, Jack on Will and Grace plays that part to the fullest. I hate it when people compare me to him. I know they think since he's funny, and so am I, that we are one in the same, and that just irks me. However, I do not complain. It's great that there are gay people on these shows. I think that the new story on Desperate Housewives will do more for the "red states" than Will and Grace does. It will show a teenage boy going through being gay and coming to terms with it. I just hope they show it from his perspective and how hard it is, and how scared he is. I applaud the producers of the show. But he's gay, so it's not surprising that this is a story on the show. I just wished that Marcia Cross would have just gone through with her coming out and not ran for the door like she did. Being in LA, it's a known fact that she is a lez. I know a lot of lesbians in the industry, and they've all said it. Not that it's a bad thing obviously...Have a great day...


Three words: Six Feet Under.


are u gay skye?

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