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Believe it or not, Splash was the first gay bar i ever went to. I was 18 and some Cornell frat dude i met on AOL took me there and they let us both in. I, naturally, thought i was hot sh*t, getting into a 21 and up club at 18, or course. However, once i was inside i kinda realized why they let us in. Not only were we the youngest there but even the younger patrons looked like "bridge & tunnel" trash that was literally dragged through the tunnel into Manhattan. The kid i went with absolutely adored the attention (and the old pornos they'd play over the urinals) but it kinda wierded me out. Plus, i didn't know what cruising was at the time so i'd be standing in the bathroom all impatiently waiting for a stall or a urinal wondering why they were taking so long. last summer i used to hit Splash on Sundays after my semi-weekly museum outings for the 2-for-1 drink specials. The place is pretty much still the same. However, now i realize just about every gay bar has 2-for-1 specials on Sundays so i haven't been to Splash since. Sounds like it still hasn't changed.

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