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I haven't seen the new Madam but the original, as partnered by Wayland, was hell on wheels. She was a whiskey-voiced society dragon and she had no hesitation about speaking her mind. Wayland developed her as a genuinely original character, as most previous ventriloquist dummy characters were cloyingly cute and built for "wholesome family entertainment."

Ha! Wayland made it onto the Ed Sullivan Show (Sunday night in prime time--Wayland actually came along in the 60s)and onto the post-11 o'clock news comedy/talk shows a lot. It was probably the first time most Americans had seen a campy drag act (albeit by proxy) or a frankly somewhat effeminate man in their living rooms. I wonder how many of them ever put two and two together. I knew immediately, little closeted proto-queer that I was, and I think my parents had some misgivings (we lived in New York City after all) although they didn't turn the TV off or change the channel--homophobic was the second language in my family.

Wayland was pretty vivid--I'm glad the new guy at least comes alive when Madam makes her grand entrance--she's the real act, after all.


I remember when Wayland Flowers and Madame used to guest on Hollywood Squares. Ah, the '70s were interesting times.


"Did this bewitched puppet claw herself out of the coffin and onto the arm of this man at the Townhouse."

Thanks. I just ruined my keyboard from spitting coffee all over it.

Love your site!



Does anyone have a sound clip wav. file of Wayland and Madam on Hollywood Squares? It would be great to hear her again.


The tabloids said she was buried her with Wayland - but she was not, she is way too valuable - one of the original Madame's to The Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA - sold one to David Copperfiled - the magician and have one in my living room

Her owner never thought that she would bring her back - but people such as Debbie Reynolds have been driving me crazy, so after much time, she decided to do it she have found a wonderful young guy to be her escort. Friday night, they were out with her - She always creates quite a stir when people see her - they were having dinner in a restaurant and Joe took her out - the actor from Star Trek & Roots was there LeVar Burton and some of the top executives from IMG, Inc. they handle all the top sports figures - Long story short they got so excited that they want Madame to be at Fashion Week in LA & in New York in September - A TV network is including her in their schedule and a film company is doing a documentary on her return Wayland's Vegas & Reno promoter will be bringing her back to the casinos which I am the most interested in.

So all that being said, she is making her big comeback


Madame sighting last night @ the Duplex - she was fabulous!


The new puppeteer of Madame is a very special person in my life. Has been since the 6th grade. He's been a puppeteer since even then and I remember going to his house and seeing his room filled from floor to ceiling with tons of great puppets that he had made. He is and always will be a very talented individual and I recommend checking out any of his future performances.

And oh, I always found him quite handsome too. lol


Looking for Madame Video Clips on the net ...... or on video

Mike Buzzelli

Oh my. This is making me feel old. I remember Madame (sounds like a sitcom title). There was a show. Called Madame's Place, and it starred Wayland and his hand. And if anyone remembers the Landers sisters, Judy, was a regular, as well as a very young Corey Feldman, before he got creepy. He was the next door neighbor kid, Buzzy St. Clair. Oh, the freaky places my mind is taking me from this web log.
Thanks for the memories.



long live madame!!

John Burnett - President Greater Pasadena Aid Fund

To whom it may concern: I am looking for contact info for the current performer that has madame, if you could please send me that information, it would assist person's with HIV/AIDS in our community. Contact John Burnett at [email protected]


please tell me how to find a copy of madame in manhatten my mom is sick and she really loved the two of you


there is actually another original Madame living in Baltimore with one of her co-creators, a close friend of Mr. Flowers. Most puppets that are used so heavily in entertainment come with a posse of clones, they aren't so durable as one might expect. I imagine there were quite a few original Madames created.

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