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I love cruisy places, actually just to see how well my stock is in the world.

Ummm... where is this coffee shop?


I know what you mean about not having the whol non verbal communication thing down. I lack the self-confidence necessary for this to work. Thankfully I am in a relationship now but when I was playing that game, I found the best place for me to meet was on-line cause I was all chatty and open. Take me to a bar or even a cruisy place and I fail miserably. Was he looking at me...no he is too hot...run scotty run!!!


Gay non-verbal communication (or GNVC) is an effective precisely honed tool.

They should be encouraging gay men into the military.


A few times, I've sat at the Cup and actually read a newspaper, either the WSJournal or NYTimes. Boy, I must have looked like a dork!


Yeah, I too went to Big Cup and made the mistake of actually reading a book. A fucking BOOK. I left on my own...


haha omg i hate that place! it's so crowded and over-done. and like, for me, i like to go to coffee shops or bookstores to actually read and get some "me" time in and it's so hard to do that there because people there are like, cruising or hanging out and it's just so distracting. plus, it's soooooo Chelsea! haha. :-)


haha... 45 minutes to read HX! that is hysterical. poor books :(


Not all Midwesterners gauk in curiosity. Some actually understand and mock, then join in. That's the funny thing about NYC, everyone wants to be surrounded by people, but no one makes that much of an effort to be friendly unless there's something (sex, $$) in it for them.

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